On colors, and dyeing process completion

Please advise me on how I can dye my hair well.

The trick to dyeing your hair well is learning about the factors that affect its effectiveness, and making adjustments accordingly. This includes things like the quality of your hair, the room temperature, the amount of solution applied, and how long you leave the hair coloring solution on your hair.

To have beautiful results, sometimes it is necessary to vary certain factors while you dye your hair, such as the time you leave the hair coloring on your hair after application.

Does the quality of my hair change the results of the coloring process?

Yes, the resulting hair color does depend on the quality of your hair.

When there is a difference in the quality of the hair, the reaction that arises from the hair color changes, and the way it colors the hair changes as well. Because of this, it is best that one pays attention to the quality of their hair, as well as the conditions at the time of hair coloring, such as the time needed to leave the hair coloring after the application.

Can I color damaged hair? If so, how?

Yes. Apply hair coloring to the damaged hair last.

Damaged hair tends to be colored relatively quickly. If application for healthy and damaged hair is done at the same time as application of color damaged hair, this will result in unevenness. To avoid this, it is best to apply the hair color to damaged hair towards the end.

Can I color hair that has already been colored with a semi-permanent colorant?

Yes, but the result might not be the desired color.

The agents in semi-permanent colorants do not chemically react with permanent hair colorants. However, in the case that there is still color remaining from a semi-permanent colorant, there is a possibility that it will not dye the hair to the desired color.

Also, a hair colorant meant for black hair will bleach the hair before coloring it. In this case, color that is not usually visible due to the semi-permanent colorant might become more visible, so please take this into consideration.

Can I bleach my hair after it has been dyed to a dark color?

Using bleach on dark colored dye hair will not lighten the color.

Bleaching works when the bleach reacts with the natural melanin in the hair. Dark hair coloring is a dye and has no melanin, and so the color will not be removed by bleaching.

Is it possible to lighten hair that has been dyed dark by a hair colorant?

It is difficult to lighten hair that has already been dyed dark by a hair colorant.

Due to the permanence of hair colorants, lightening a dark shade of color is exceedingly difficult. The best way would be to simply wait for new hair to grow, or otherwise wait for the color to naturally fade.

However, hair salons do possess the ability to do so, so visiting a hair salon is also an option.

What will happen if I use a light-tone hair color (suited for black hair) on my black hair repeatedly?

Your hair will gradually become light.

Using a light-tone hair color repeatedly will make your hair turn light.

What will happen if I color my gray hair repeatedly?

There’s a possibility that the areas dyed previously will gradually turn dark.

Following the instructions as stated on the packaging, first apply the solution to the newly-grown gray hair areas, and leave the hair coloring on. After this, apply the solution to the hair that has already been dyed. This will help to avoid the problem of the hair being colored too dark. However, factors such as the quality of the hair and whether the hair has been permed, may change the resulting hair color.

I’ve dyed my hair and the result was darker than desired. Will I be able to dye it lighter next time?

Feel free to pick a lighter color, the next time you color your hair.

The next time you color your hair, pick a bright color (for gray-hair coverage dye) or a lighter color (for black-hair dye). Also, in order to prevent your hair from becoming too dark, please leave the hair color on for a short period of time. In this case, the hair is easy to dye but the resultant color may fade quickly. However, even though the hair might look dark right after the dyeing process, there is a possibility that it might be the desired tone after a week.

I’ve already dyed my hair a light color, but I want to dye it a darker color next time. How should I go about doing this?

Feel free to pick a darker color, the next time you color your hair. You can also color your hair darker by using a hair color restorer.

If you have already colored your hair a light color, go ahead and choose a darker hair color next time. If your hair color was made lighter by bleach or made-for-black-hair colorants, you can easily restore your hair color by using the appropriate products.

When using a hair color restorer, make sure you do not leave it in your hair for too long, as there is a possibility that the resulting hair color might end up too dark. Also, please wait for at least a week before coloring your hair again.

Can I buy two different hair color dyes and mix them together to get the color I want?

Mixing two different hair colors together will not result in a hair color that’s in the middle.

It is definitely not recommended to mix two different hair color dyes together. This is due to the difference in chemical compounds for each product. They are completely different and you risk coming up with a strange shade or worse, severely damaging your hair. Please avoid mixing two different hair color solutions together.

What happens if I leave the hair color on longer than specified in the instructions?

Leaving color on for longer than instructed can have negative results.

Your hair will typically become darker as the color sits on it longer. However, leaving permanent color on for too long could damage your hair and affect the way it absorbs color as well as make your scalp itchy. Please keep to the time stated in the instructions.

Why does hair color fade after a while?

Frequent shampooing fades hair color, as well as exposure to ultraviolet rays/heat.

Water fades hair color. Your hair absorbs water, and as you rinse your hair, the dyes drain out with the water. If you wash your hair every day, try washing it every other day. Try a dry shampoo on your roots in between washes to absorb oil and pump up volume. Exposure to UV light or heat will also lighten your hair color over time.

How often should I recolor my hair?

For gray-hair coverage products, around one month, when gray hair starts to become conspicuous.

Hair grows by about 1-1.5cm each month, so regular hair coloring will keep your hair looking vibrant and beautiful. For gray hair, we recommend that you recolor your hair once a month, as soon as the gray hair becomes visible. This practice will allow for better matching between the newly-dyed hair and previously dyed hair, while minimizing any cumulative damage to the hair.

I want to try a dark hair color on my naturally light-colored hair, but just for a day. How can I do this?

A temporary hair color spray would be the best option.

Using a temporary hair color spray would allow you to color your hair temporarily. It is also easily washable with shampoo, allowing you to return to your previous hair color easily.