After color care

What should we take note of after dyeing our hair?

Avoid leaving your hair wet after wash.

The hair is especially prone to damage during the week after color. Rubbing your hair with a towel vigorously after shampooing will cause friction and damage between the hair strands. Instead, remove moisture gently by pressing sections of hair in a towel. The color may transfer onto your clothes and bedding if in contact with your hair while it is wet, so be sure to dry after wash. However, also take note that blow-drying your hair excessively may cause dryness and damage to the hair.

Is it okay to use my regular shampoo and conditioner after dyeing my hair?

Shampoos that are made up of mainly cleansing agents have a tendency to strip hair color.

It is recommended to use shampoos, conditioners and treatments made especially for color treated hair to maintain the vibrancy of your hair color. Do take note that shampoos with mainly cleansing constituents may strip hair color.

Is it safe to use hairstyling or hair growth products like mousses and hair tonics after dyeing my hair?

On rare occasions, hair tonics and other hair growth products may cause fading in hair color.

Products like mousses, sprays and mists will not cause color fading. However, using hair tonics and other hair growth products may, on rare occasions, fade your hair color. We recommend avoiding usage of these products within 1 week of coloring your hair.

How soon after coloring my hair can I get a perm?

Please do leave a buffer period of at least a week.

We recommend to let your hair rest for a week after a hair color. Do take note that there might also be risk of perms causing color fading.

Is it safe to get a hair manicure after bleaching my hair?

Hair manicure can be done on bleached hair.

Since hair manicures are not damaging to the hair, it is safe to get one after bleaching.

When using temporary colorants like hair color sprays, is it necessary to shampoo it off by the end of the day?

Do wash off the colorant using shampoo by the end of the day.

If the colorant is not washed off, it may transfer onto your pillow case and other parts of your bedding. Do shampoo your hair after use, and before bed.