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Company History

In February 2005, Hoyu marked our 100th anniversary of foundation. Why has Hoyu been able to maintain top market share and carry on its business for such a long time? The answer lies in the company’s ability to continue stable growth, management skills, and the high degree of technological know-how. To keep up with diversifying customers’ needs, however we must further develop our expertise and enhance our sales force.

"With the aim of contributing to the realization of truly affluent living,
Hoyu has conceived new visions for the 21st century."


YEAR 1905

Masujiro Mizuno

Masujiro Mizuno founded MIZUNO KANKUDOU, the forerunner of Hoyu, to manufacture and sell home medical supplies.

YEAR 1909


Released hair dye "NIWAKARASU."

YEAR 1916

Released hair dye "SANWAKARASU."

YEAR 1921


Released hair dye "GENROKU"
which was a long selling product for 73 years.

YEAR 1923

- Established Hoyu Shokai Co. Ltd.
- Masujiro Mizuno was inaugurated as the president.

YEAR 1947

Opened Osaka Sales Office.

YEAR 1957

Powder-type hair dye, "Bigen"

- Opened Tokyo Sales Office.
- Released powder-type hair dye, "Bigen."

YEAR 1959

2nd president Kimpei Mizuno

Kimpei Mizuno was inaugurated as the Second President of the Company.

YEAR 1961

Constructed Nagakute Factory.

YEAR 1962

Haarel Wave Hair Color

- Entered hair salon industry.
- Released "Haarel Wave Hair Color" based on new hair dye theory.

YEAR 1964

Logotype (1964 to 1972)

Changed the company name to HOYU CO. LTD.

YEAR 1969

Opened Sapporo Sales Office.

YEAR 1970

Opened Fukuoka Sales Office.

YEAR 1971

Bigen Hair Color

Released "Bigen Hair Color."

YEAR 1972

Logotype (1972 to 2005)

- Held celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of Hoyu’s founding.
- Changed the Logo of the company.

YEAR 1973

Opened Hiroshima Sales Office.

YEAR 1974

Opened Sendai Sales Office.

YEAR 1976

Constructed Seto Factory.

YEAR 1984

Bigen Cream Tone

Released "Bigen Cream Tone."

YEAR 1987

Men’s Bigen Speedy Color

Released "Men’s Bigen Speedy Color."

YEAR 1989

Released "Lady’s Bigen Speedy."

YEAR 1990

Released "Beauteen" series.

YEAR 1992

70th anniversary of Hoyu’s founding

Held celebration commemorating the 70th anniversary of Hoyu’s founding.

YEAR 1995

- Completed Logistics Center.
- Released "Beautylabo."

YEAR 1997

3rd president Simpei Mizuno

- Mr. Simpei Mizuno was inaugurated as the third president and Mr. Kimpei Mizuno as the Chairman of the Board.
- Opened Hoyu Technical Academy.
- Released "CIELO."

YEAR 1998


Released "DanielGalvin PROMASTER."

YEAR 1999

Right: Beautylabo Hair Color

- Released "Beautylabo Hair Color".
- Released "PROSYSTEM".
- Seto Factory obtained ISO14001 Certification.
- Opened London Representative Office in the United Kingdom.

YEAR 2001

- Constructed Sakuragaoka Factory. (Seto City, Aichi Prefecture)
- Opened Studio Tokyo of Salon Division .
- Established Hoyu Cosmetics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China.

YEAR 2002

Opened Studio Osaka of Salon Division.

YEAR 2003

- Established Hoyu America Co., Ltd. in USA.
- Established Hoyu Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

YEAR 2004

New head office

- Completed a new head office. (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)
- Established PT Hoyu Indonesia in Indonesia.

YEAR 2005

- Celebrated the 100th anniversary of foundation.
- Changed the Logo of the company.
- Established Hoyu Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
- Opened Studio Sendai of Salon Division.

YEAR 2006

- Established Hoyu Korea Co., Ltd. in Korea.
- Opened Studio Fukuoka of Salon Division.
- Involved in the business cooperation with ASGEN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

YEAR 2007

- Sakuragaoka Factory obtained ISO14001 Certification.
- Established Hoyu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.
- Established Taiwan Hoyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.

YEAR 2008


Released "PROMASTER EX."

YEAR 2009

CIELO Mousse Color

- Acquired 60% of Kracie Group common stocks.
- Released "CIELO Mousse Color."

YEAR 2010

Beautylabo Whip Hair Color

Released "Beautylabo Whip Hair Color."

YEAR 2011

4th president Makio Mizuno rexy Whip Hair Color

- Makio Mizuno was inaugurated as the Fourth President of the Company.
- Released "rexy"series.
- Established Hoyu Shanghai Corporation in China.
- Established Hoyu Cosmetics (Nederland) B.V. in Netherlands.

YEAR 2012

- Acquired remaining 40% of Kracie Group common stocks.
- Established "Hoyu Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd." in Thailand.

YEAR 2013

CIELO Coloring Treatment Men’s Bigen Coloring Conditioner

- Released "Naturain Coloring Treatment" as a limited edition mail order product.
- Released "Men’s Bigen Coloring Conditioner."

YEAR 2014

Left: Bigen Hair Mascara,
Right: Men’s Bigen Grayish Color

- Established Hoyu Science Foundation.
- Released "Bigen Hair Mascara."
- Released "Men’s Bigen Grayish Color."
- Released "PROSTEP."

YEAR 2015

Bigen Pumping Foam Color Beauteen series Beauteen Design Color Cream

- Established an endowed chair, "Department of Integrative Medical Science for Allergic Disease" at the Fujita Health University.
- Released "Bigen Pumping Foam Color."
- Renewed "Beauteen" series.
- Released "Beauteen Design Color Cream."

YEAR 2022

5th president Yoshihiro Sasaki

- Yoshihiro Sasaki was inaugurated as the fifth president of the Company
- Makio Mizuno was inaugurated as the chairperson of the Company