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How to dye hair wellFind the right shade for you

The color result may vary depending on original hair type and condition even if the same color is used with the same coloring process. It is important to confirm these details in advance to offer the best advice to a customer.

1Hair Type

NOTE Change of Hair Color by Bleaching

When hair is bleached (breaking down of the melanin) it changes colors from brown to orange and then yellow. It is difficult to brighten the melanin in those hair types which are difficult to color, and these hair types tend to result in a more orange to reddish color. Those hair types which are easy to color have less melanin making it easier to brighten their hair, and resulting in a more yellowish color.

Covering gray: Amount of gray hair
ย้อมผมขาว  : จำนวนผมขาว
Fashion color: Hair brightness before coloring
ย้อมผมแฟชั่น : ความสว่างของสีของเส้นผมก่อนย้อม

2Hair Color Experience and Frequency

Hair color experience and frequency will affect the condition of hair before coloring. You should pay particular attention to those who have colored their hair periodically in the past to evenly color their hair.

ประสบการณ์/ ความถี่ของการใช้ผลิตภัณฑ์ย้อมผม

3Tips to select colors for covering gray

Amount of gray hair
Color Swatch (Hair Sample)

The color swatch for covering gray is created to represent colored hair with a certain amount of gray hair (salt-and-pepper). For Hoyu, this represents a color result with 30% gray hair.


The brightness of color result will differ depending on the amount of gray hair even if the same color is used.


Basically, there is no problem in recommending the color they desire, however follow these guidelines when dealing with people with a small or large amount of gray hair.


We recommend to use the color one shade brighter than the desired color for those who are first-time using a gray coverage and having a trouble deciding on a color having trouble deciding on a color.

It is difficult to instantly recolor to a brighter color if the hair has been colored too dark with a dark color.

* Fashion color will not cover grays, Please use covering gray products for these customers who may concern gray hair.

Hair Type

When using a brighter color for covering gray, the gray area will be colored as desired, however black or dark hair areas may be affected by the hair type.


To avoid reddish result, recommend matte or ash shades to minimize reddishness

*1 Greenish color

*2 Gray. This does not mean that the hair is colored gray, but rather that the resulting color has limited reddishness in most cases by using the cool color to dull the natural hair color (warm color).

4Tips to select colors for Fashion Color

Hair brightness before coloring

When selecting a shade, identify your current hair color level and tone using color swatch on the package
Hair cannot be brightened by using hair color or bleach once it has been darkened with hair color or henna.

Hair Type

The color result can be effected by the type of hair.


Caution for those wanting to use orangish, reddish or matte colors. There is a possibility that the color result will be different from the desired result and it is important to explain the color result tendency.


For those wanting to use yellowish, matte or ash colors. The same color should be used two times or a bleach should be used in advance to achieve the color result. However, leave an interval of about 1 week between both processes.


It is better to recommend a color 1 to 2 shades brighter than the desired color for those having troubles in selecting a color or if it is the first time coloring.
It is difficult to instantly recolor to a brighter color if the hair has been colored too dark with a dark color.

5Tips on Coloring Hair Beautifully and Evenly

Application Process

Home-use or DIY hair color is made for self-coloring with perfect color results, but if the amount of mixture applied on the hair is not enough, the result will be unsatisfactory and the color may not be even.


Apply enough amount of the mixture evenly to hair and comb through from the roots to the ends. Please make sure not to comb the hair so much that the mixture is removed from the hair. In addition, be sure to confirm the proper amount on the package because the amount used differs depending on the product and prepare 2 boxes if you have long or thick hair.


If you use a darker shade, apply a waterproof cream (e.g. Cold Cream) to your hairline, around the ears and nape of the neck to protect your skin from staining.


It is easier to color long hair if you section hair with hair clips. Sectioning hair into around four parts will make it easier to apply the hair around the back of the head and nape of the neck, resulting in an even color result.

NOTE Fundamentals of Color - Three Primary Colors and Complementary Colors

It is easier to understand the changes fo hair color from hair types if you know the fundamentals of color.

หลักการของสี – แม่สี 3 สีและสีตรงข้าม