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For first-timerThe Process of Hair Coloration

1Cream Type and Liquid Type

Hair color consists of Colorant and Developer and is used by mixing both together (except Powder Type).

Colorant (Cream or Liquid)
Cream Type and Liquid Type
สารตัวที่สอง (อาจจะเป็นครีมก็ได้)

2Hair Coloring Mechanism

NOTE Bleaching Effect of Developer (Hydrogen Peroxide)

The strength of bleach depends on the concentration (%) of the peroxide. The bleaching effect will be stronger for a higher concentration which will further brighten the hair, but this will also lead to hair damage. A lower concentration will be gentler to the hair, but the bleaching effect will be weaker and this will not effectively brighten the hair.
In general, the concentration of a permanent hair color developer is between 6% and 9%, while it is 2% to 3% for a demi-permanent hair color.