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Skin Irritation from Hair Coloring

In some rare cases a severe allergic reaction may occur due to hair color. Please conduct a skin allergy test before each time you color your hair.

Similar to people who break out in hives due to eating certain foods or having a allergic reaction (skin irritation) from certain medicines or cosmetic products, in rare cases some people may experience an allergic reaction (allergic contact dermatitis) to hair color products.

Characteristics of Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Hair Coloring
1st Some people experience skin irritations after the first use of hair color, however people also suddenly experience symptoms due to changes in their body constitution from products they have used many times in the past without any problems.
2nd Some people experience symptoms after a few hours of hair coloring, however most cases involve strong symptoms at least 24 hours after coloring.
3rd Those who have ever experienced skin irritation after a skin allergy test or use of hair color will definitely experience symptoms next time, therefore these people must not use the hair color they experienced symptoms with or any other type of hair color in the future.
Causes and Symptoms of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
The cause of allergic contact dermatitis is oxidative dye (aromatic diamine dye etc.), the main ingredient in hair color products. The symptoms after the use of hair color include: itching, swelling, redness and bumps on the head, hairline, face and neck. There are cases where no reaction can be seen and only itching occurs. In normal cases, it can take hours for symptoms to occur and this is categorized as delayed-type allergic contact dermatitis.
Causes and Symptoms of Primary Irritant Contact Dermatitis
Irritant contact dermatitis occurs during hair coloring of people with sensitive skin or people have cuts, abrasions on their skin or weakened skin protection, and includes itching and a burning sensation during or after hair coloring. Symptoms are limited to the applied area and in general heal faster than allergic contact dermatitis. Irritant contact dermatitis can also occur from not only hair coloring but also when using bleach or strongly rubbing the skin to remove hair manicure with a cleansing agent.

Skin Allergy Test Procedure

A skin allergy test checks to see whether your body is allergic to haircolor. There are some cases of people who suddenly experience symptoms due to the change in their body constitution from products they have usedmany times in the past without any problems.

Always conduct a skin allergy test 2 days ( 48 hours ) before coloring your hair.

For hair color except for Powder Type

* Please follow the directions on the package or instruction leaflet when conducting a skin allergy test.

When skin irritation occurs

If a reaction does occur, do not self-medicated. We recommend that customer must seek a medical advice from dermatologist. If an appropriate measure are delayed the symptoms will last that much longer so the early medical treatment is the best.