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For first-timerFundamental hair knowledge

1Hair Structure

The hair shaft consists of three main parts.

Hair Structure

2Asian Hair and Caucasian Hair

Item Asian Caucasian
Number of hairs Approx. 100,000 pcs. Approx. 140,000 pcs.
Hair thickness Approx. 0.08 mm (80 μm) Approx. 0.06 mm (60 μm)
Hair diameter index * 1 Approx. 80 - 85 Approx. 60 – 65
Growth speed Approx 1 cm / month
Hair cycle Men : 3 – 5 years, Women : 4 – 6 years
Hair loss * 2 Approx. 50 to 150 pcs. / day

*1 Index referring to the shape of hair cross section. The closer to 100 the more round the shape. (Hair diameter index = minor axis / major axis x100)

*2 The amount of hair lost fluctuates depending on individual differences, age and season.

3Hair Color

The natural hair color is largely determined by the amount of melanin contained in the cortex. * Black hair contains large amounts of melanin, however hardly any exists in gray hair. The color of melanin contained in the cortex will become the color of the hair since the cortex is clear.

Hair Color

* Eumelanin (brown-black) and Phenomelanin (yellow-red) exist within melanin and the color of hair is mainly determined by eumelanin. The more eumelanin exists, the more black hair will be.

NOTE Occurrence of Gray Hair

Gray hairs occur when the hair cannot create any more melanin. It is said that the reason melanin stops being produced is not only due to age but also due to heredity, stress and disorder of eating habits.