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The Responsibility of a Manufacturer


In order to provide high quality products to the market continuously, we operate an integrated planned production system under a strict self-imposed quality control following the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard. Also, along with acquiring the certification of the ISO14001 environmental management standard, we are strongly working on environmental problems from the position and with the responsibility of a corporation. We will continue to make efforts following our corporate principles.

Realizing Integration of Our Distribution and Information Network Online

In our Logistics Center, not to mention we realized communication with our clients online, we made a sophisticated and high-speed physical distribution system possible. We enhanced the ordering center function with our clients by emphasizing interface, built a multistoried three-dimensional automatic warehouse, applied an automatic transportation system, and realized the intensification of an accurate location management system.

To Pass Down Our Predecessors' Efforts and Inventions to the Next Generation

In our Seto factory, we display history of hair coloring products from past to present, focusing on tools and photographs and articles related to sales, and a variety of TV commercial of the past.