Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Hoyu Cosmetics (Thailand) co., ltd. (hereinafter called as “HCT”) is committed to protecting and properly handling of personal information provided by our customers.

Acquisition of Personal Information

When HCT acquires personal information, we inform customers in advance the purpose (as specific as possible) of using the personal information.

* Personal information is the information which can identify a customer, such as name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Use of Personal Information

HCT limits the use of customers’ personal information to achieve purposes that are clearly specified to the customers in advance. If HCT uses the personal information beyond this range, we, with the exception of the case based on the law in Thailand, secure the permission of the customers in advance.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information Data by HCT

  • Sales of products and delivery of service
  • Sending of products / service / events information
  • Corresponding to various types of inquiries from customers
  • Improvement of products / service based on customers’ opinions
  • Creation of basic / statistic data that is necessary for management analysis
  • Exercise of the rights, obligations and other corresponding acts of the company

Management of Personal Information

To ensure accuracy and safety of customers’ personal information, HCT places a personal information manager and supervises our employees and/or subcontractors for thoroughness of safe management of the personal information.

Provision of Information to a Third Party

HCT will not provide customers’ personal information to any third party without consent of an individual in advance, except in the case of outsourcing operations, such as delivery of sweepstakes products or e-mail delivery service. There may be the case that HS provides the personal information without consent if it is required under the laws and regulations.

Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

If a customer prefers to disclose, correct, and/or delete his/her personal information, please contact HCT via phone / email. We promptly deal with a customer’s request to a reasonable extent after confirming his/her identity.

Publicity and Revision of Personal Information Protection Policy

HCT complies with the applicable laws and regulations with respect to customers’ personal information, and review and revise the policy timely. All the revisions will be posted on this website.