Refill Foam Color

About Product

Unique Selling Points

1Adhering foam

Adhering foam is easy to be spread whole hair and make hair color evenly from root to end.

Adhering foam resists dripping and helps reducing the mess during hair coloring.

2Refill Type

You only have to buy a whole set (Refill and Pump dispenser) for the first time. Next time. you just buy only the refill foam color. So, it's economical.

3Affordable Price

The Refill type is cheaper than other foam type hair color product. Because it's refill type. when you already have reusable pump dispenser. You just pay for the color.


The exclusive pump dispenser can be reused, just wash and dry the pump after using and keep it for next time. So, consumer able to contribute SDGs by reducting plastic waste from disposable pump type.

5Japan Quality

This product is developed under safety standard and quality control of Hoyu Co., Ltd., Japan.

6Natural Ingredient

Contains Tsubaki oil, Olive oil and Jojoba oil.

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How to use

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