Research & Development

Introducing 6 departments of Hoyu

Consumer Department

The responsibility of consumer department is focus on creating interaction with retailers.
Building an attractive storefront with a strong customer base.

Scope of work

  • Marketing Field
  • Sold through retail outlets to consumers in general.
  • Offer a promotional sales to retailers.
  • Dealer management.
Integrity and honesty.

Not only a salon use products, but Hoyu also aims to provide products to reach consumers directly. Consumer can found our product from various dealers. Therefore, it is important to have a good interaction with the dealer trust and confident.

Meanwhile, the survey location to set up shop for easier buying and facilitate to the consumer through the vision as a consumer.

The one who can win a market share in hair color products
To response the needs of consumers and dealers and satisfaction further.

Flow channel

Foreign Affairs Department

Foreign Affairs department must bring our hair coloring product innovative solutions to the international market for build a leading of hair fashion in the market world.

Scope of work

  • Sales in foreign markets
  • Sales activity in the overseas
  • The management and operation of subsidiaries in abroad
  • Import and export
Become a leader of world hair fashion

Hoyu commitment to research and development an innovative of hair color products for a long time. Not only within Japan, but also spread rapidly throughout the world.

Currently we distributed more than 70 countries around the world including "Bigen" brand that is loved around the world for all customers, "Bigen" has meant that the Japanese word, "美 の 源" means that the source of beauty.

Flow channel

Professional Department

In the Professional Division,we focus on professional sales-oriented. It also promotes the skill of a professional in the field of hair color, such as planning and conducting about hair seminars, work shop for build a professional institutions.

Scope of work

  • Professional product sales.
  • Preparation for seminar and hair show.
  • Training for creating a hair colorist expert.
Professional product sales

Cooperate with a professional hairdressers to use our product. Whether it is hair coloring products, hair care or curling.

Preparation for seminar and hair show

Hairdressers seminar
Established "Hoyu Studio" for hairdressers which are distributed in 5 prefectures of Japan.

The highlight of Hoyu Studio is the larning development, an innovation of the hair coloring, Seminars by hair colorist expert to lecture with our hairdressers.

Training for creating a hair colorist expert.

At Hoyu, we have an international hair coloring expert as MR. DANIEL GALVIN who collaboration with other professionals using modern knowledge of Mr. DANIEL GALVIN for established a class to createa new hair colorist in the project of "Hoyu Technical Academy" (Certified as a professional training school).
In every year, there are more than 200 students to be trained and grow as a professional hairdressers in the field of hair coloring and fashion society.

Flow channel

Research and Development Department

Hoyu Research and Development institute is set on the basis of our advanced technology and technical accuracy. Because the results of the research will be reflected through the quality of the product.

Scope of work

  • Product research and development
  • Initial research
  • Packaging research and development
  • Pharmaceutical management
  • Safety research and development
  • Hair research and development
  • Intellectual property management
Origin research and development

The race to develop a new products such as adding a new technologies, use new materials that never use before. This competition is more intensify.

Hoyu Research and development institute make a modern technologies for study about the mechanism of hair, the science of color and new materials. In order to enhance basic research as well such as; hairstyles, hair analysis, packaging technology.

Hoyu has sent investigators to the research institutions at many university. And the result of research are also linked to several other patents too. On the part of the relate agency, we use the online system for connecting, storage, technical data storage, gathering a marketing data for fast design and new product evaluation.

Production and Logistics Department

In the Production & Logistics departments. We focus on enviornment responsibility and creating a best quality product that safety use for strengthen with our partnership.

Scope of work

  • Prepare a materials
  • Production management, both at home and abroad
  • Products and raw materials quality control.
  • Researching and production technology management
  • Planning and preparation for production
  • Promotional activities for environmental conservation
  • Order management
  • Stock management
  • Shipping advise
Conscience and responsibility as a manufacturer

Bringing the high quality stable product to the market is department of production and logistics responsibilities. We plan to control production and strict compliance with the rigorous standards of GMP.

We also has certification ISO14001 environmental management measures. With responsibilities towards society and the environment.
And we will continue to operate like this for environmental conservation.

Integrate of Production and Logistics.

Hoyu intended to focus on facilitating for interaction with customers.
Not only online but also give priority to the store that important for customer contact.

It also includes the installation of an automated warehouse storage systems to facilitate the automated transport system.
This is a logistics system to optimize the management quality with fast and accurate.


Scope of work

  • Planning advertise for new products to consumers
  • Planning advertise for new products to professional
  • Planning advertise for new products to global market
Develop new products that maximize customer satisfaction

We want to create and manufacture products that meet the highest satisfaction of our worldwide customers. We're still committed to our plan.
New product development follow through the in-depth details of the customer’s needs, creating the concept for a range of high-visibility marketing communications and advertising.