Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This web site is managed by Hoyu Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “our company”) and its representative.
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All rights regarding the contents of this web site are attributed to our company or used by our company under license. When the contents are used for outside the parameters of the originally intended use such as for "duplications for private use" or "citations," user license from our company is required according to the Copyright Act.

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2Use of Trademarks

All trademarks, logos, and service marks on this web site are owned by our company or our related companies or are used under license. It is prohibited to use the trademarks without our consent.

3Warranty of Contents

Although we pay the utmost attention to ensuring the information on this web site accurate and up to date, we do not warrant the completeness of its contents in any way. When there is any inaccuracy in the contents of this web site, or when any trouble occurs between the customer and a third party regarding the use of this web site, we do not incur any responsibility. In addition, we do not incur any responsibility with respect to software and hardware related accidents or any other damages that resulting from the use of this web site. In addition, please note in advance that the information and file names shown on this web site are subject to change without prior notice.


We are not involved in any way with the contents of third party’s web sites linked from or linked to this web site (hereinafter called "linked site"). Furthermore, we do not incur any responsibility for damages resulting from the contents of linked sites nor the customer’s use of a linked site. Links from this web site to any third party’s web site do not imply that we warrant the products and services on the linked sites nor that the information on the linked sites be warranted or endorsed by our company.

5Information Provided By the Customer

We do not take in any personal customer information provided (including customer ideas regarding, techniques, sales, and products etc), unless we directly request the customer for provision of such information to our company on our web site. (Hereinafter such requested information is referred to as "corresponding information"). In case information other than the corresponding information is provided by a customer, note that such information is handled as general information without confidentiality.

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8Governing Law and Court with Jurisdiction

This web site is governed by the laws of Japan.

In addition, the Nagoya District Court is appointed as the court with jurisdiction of first instance for any dispute regarding this web site.